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New Horizons Scholarship

The SE Section New Horizons Scholarship honors our our Ninety-Nines who have passed to new horizons, and at the same time, inspires the scholarship recipients as they achieve new milestones and move to new horizons in their flying achievements.
To apply for the New Horizons Scholarship click here for application.  

To apply for other scholarships click here to view the International Scholarship registry. 
The SE Section Ninety-Nines members memorialize our friends, our colleagues, our mentors, and our sister pilots. Each aviatrix has contributed to promoting aviation and inspiring others in her own unique manner. The following women will all truly be missed.

She is not dead, But only flying higher,
Higher than she’s flown before
And earthly limitations will hinder her no more

There is no service ceiling or any fuel range
And there is no anoxia, or need for engine change
Thank God that now her flight can be to heights her eyes had scanned
Where she can race with comets and buzz the rainbow’s span

For she is Universal, like courage, love and hope,
And all free, sweet emotions of vast and Godly scope.
And understand a pilot’s Fate is not the thing she fears,
But rather sadness left behind, your heartbreak and your tears.

So all you loved ones, dry your eyes, yes, it is wrong that you should grieve,
For she would love your courage more,
and she would want you to believe she is not dead.
You should have known that she is only flying higher,
higher than she’s ever flown.

Written by WASP Elizabeth MacKethan Magid in memory of her friend Marie Michell Robinson.  
Marie was killed in 
the crash of a B-25, she was nineteen years old. 
New Horizon Honorees
Cheryl Cichocki: FL Gulf Stream Chapter
Viola Vickie Pecoraro Goodbee: NOLA Chapter
Barbara Harris Para: Carolinas Chapter
Ruth Jenkins: FL Goldcoast Chapter
Marilyn Scribner: Suncoast Chapter
Nancy Wright: Suncoast Chapter
Dottie Westby: FL Gulf Stream Chapter
Bonnie and Archie Gann: FL Spaceport Chapter
Ruth Fleisher: FL Goldcoast Chapter
Julienne Dearth: Spaceport Chapter
Anne Roethke: Paradise Coast
Harriett Hall: Alabama Chapter
Lee Orr: Blue Ridge Chapter 
Alexis Montague-Fortune: Spaceport Chapter
Marian A. Baltzer: NOLA Chapter 

If you are interested in donating to our scholarship, please download our donor package.

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