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99s have a lot to celebrate this Holiday Season  

Gold Coast Chapter 99s hosts Holiday Happening: Overcast weather and the threat of frontal passage did not deter the determined Gold Coast 99s from moving forward with IMG_1517.JPGtheir Holiday event. There was a great turnout at the Quayside Towers on Biscayne Bay. Kimberly Lowe started us all off with traditional Holiday IMG_1508.JPGCrackers. Everyone got to "explode" their cracker to expose a saying, a prize and a very stylish crown which we were all obliged to wear. After a few brief opening remarks, a buffet IMG_1512.JPGbrunch was served and thoroughly enjoyed by 99s, 49 1/2s and other welcomed guests. 
There was lots to celebrate this holiday season; and part of the days celebration was to award the Fran Sargent scholarship to th 2010 winner, Judith Rice from Jacksonville, FL. Judy will be using the scholarship to pursue her CFI so she can continue on here lifelong dream of flight and working with youth in aviation activities. A most heartfelt congratulations to Judy. We look for great things from her and hope she will be sharing some IMG_1531.JPGof her time and talents with the 99s in all of our future endeavours.
Guest speaker, Gus McLeod, gave an interesting and informative account of his career and life as a pilot and about his record-setting trip to the North IMG_1511_2.JPGPole in an Strearman. Gus was the subject of the National Geographic special, "Arctic Flyer". Gus also had his book, Solo to the Top of the World, available and those purchasing got the author's autograph to boot.
After a couple hours of fellowship there was a Chinese Gift Exchange and all who brought gift drew a number and got to select a gift. They could, thereafter, keep theirs or take the one opened before them. It was a lightening fast round of gift giving and exchanging with all coming away gifted and happy. Finally, in celebration of 100 years of licensed woman pilots, a nice certificate of commemoration was presented to all female pilots in attendance.IMG_1516.JPGIMG_1529.JPG In all, there were 99s from Gold Coast, Paradise Coast,and Florida Gulf Stream Chapters represented.

What is your Chapter doing to celebrate the holoidays?