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Viola Vickie Goodbee : NOLA Chapter
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Viola Vickie Goodbee : NOLA Chapter

Vickie Goodbee
Viola "Vickie" Pecoraro Goodbee, longtime member of the New Orleans Chapter, filed her final flight plan onto New Horizons on March 5, 2015. Vickie, aka. ""Bubbles" was the beloved "Cha-Ching" chick (treasurer) of the New Orleans 99s. She leaves behind her 49 1/2 Bruce Goodbee, sons Garrett and Gregory and daughter Jennifer Goodbee Delvin as well as 3 grandchildren, Grant, Evie and Joseph. Vickie was a loved and lively presence in our chapter and she will be missed by all who knew her. A scholarship fund has been established in her honor. Vickie, we raise our glasses with 3 ice cubes to you. We are grateful for the memories and laughs. Soar Sister.