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Nancy Wright : Suncoast Chapter
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Nancy Wright : Suncoast Chapter
Nancy Wright and Charley
The FL Suncoast Chapter has lost one of our most valued members, Nancy Wright, who flew to new Horizons on February 10, 2015.  Nancy joined the FL Suncoast Chapter in 1980 and received her commercial certificate and instrument rating.  Nancy served the 99s in various capacities through the years. Nancy was Chapter Chairman, Governor of the Southeast Section, Chairman of the International Conference in Orlando, FL, Chairman of four Southeast Section Meetings, and honoree at the International Forest of Friendship.  One of her favorite projects was the Jesse Woods Scholarship Fund.  Nancy was also the Co-chair of the Sun ‘N Fun Committee and handled the WASP Luncheon at Sun ‘N Fun every year.  Nancy Wright was the epitome of what a 99 strives to be.