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Fall 2014 - Knoxville, TN
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Fall in the Tennessee Mountains with our Section Sisters 

Susan Larson, International BOD Representative reports:  Janice Pelletti, Tennessee Chapter, and her support team of no more than five, nailed it. Knoxville is truly a delightful location for any meeting, the downtown being only three blocks from our hotel. Friday’s activities were entirely on Knoxville Downtown Island Airport, including seminars and a BBQ. Saturday morning’s business meeting at the hotel featured a new addition to our vocabulary – Voluntold! We could immediately see how appropriate this word could be in the realm of 99s volunteerism, or perhaps better described as some good old-fashioned arm-twisting.  webassets/fall2014web1.jpg

As there was no way to travel on Friday from New Mexico and arrive before that day’s activities, I chose to travel on Thursday and enjoy Friday morning on my own, touring the Knoxville area, taking in the luscious countryside (remember, I live in a desert), and visiting some historical sites. The weather cooperated beyond expectations, although some who planned to fly from Florida had to make alternate arrangements. Terry and three more with her plowed through just fine.

Approximately 20 days in advance of the business meeting, Governor Carbonell emailed a packet of documents, including the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, proposed Section bylaws changes, and a copy of the July 24, 2014 letter from the IRS recognizing the Southeast Section’s group exemption (BIG YEA). Her message was as follows: Good morning ladies: I have attached your agenda packet for the upcoming meeting. webassets/fall2014web2.jpgPlease bring this with you on your tablets, iPads or bring a printed version as we will not be making extra copies. If you are unable to print or if you do not have a tablet, please let me know and I will print a copy to bring for you. I look forward to seeing all in Knoxville. Thanks, Terry 
After all that the New Orleans Chapter did to ensure hospitality far above and beyond and lend two meeting planners to the 2014 Annual Conference, it was great to see four chapter members at the Section meeting. So often we see those chapters deeply involved in a project essentially drop out of sight for a year or more due to exhaustion and overwhelm. It wasn’t the case this fall. At the meeting, Int’l Director Corbi Bulluck, Int’l Secretary Lisa Cotham and I graciously accepted a check for $12,000 payable to the HQ Operating account, from Janet Gonzales. Withwebassets/fall2014web3.jpg but a few accounting matters yet to settle, this represents HQ’s 60% of the net proceeds from the Annual Conference.  The attendance was finalized at 194 99s and 70 guests.  

In discussion about the budget, it was noted that the Section Governor receives an annual allowance of $2000, of which $850 is for each of two IBOD meetings in OKC, the balance toward her registration at the Annual Conference. As the cost to attend seven meetings each year by IBOD members is extraordinary, this International Representative (and I suspect many to follow me), is very grateful that the Southeast Section members voted to reimburse two nights lodging at Section meetings for the International Representative to attend. Her meeting registration fee is already waived/absorbed by the host chapter. 

webassets/fall2014web4.jpgOne additional piece of information regarding finances, former SE Section Governor Cheryl Cichocki died recently and left the bulk of her estate to The 99s. Known is that 10% is to go to The 99s Operating account at HQ, 20% to the Endowment Fund, 20% to the AEBP, and the balance to other local 99s activities. Beyond her home, her net assets are unknown. Terry Carbonell and Cecile Hatfield are further researching the bequests.

 In a scheduled Facetime moment, Governor Carbonell presented the Chapter Charter to the St. Croix Island Paradise Chapter. Tres cool! These ladies are excited to be a part of The 99s and they are sure to host a Section meeting soon.

The Section voted to submit an International Bylaws change as it is believed that the wording in Article V, Section 1, A. 1) needs to be changed to properly include the new Student Pilot category.  Upcoming Section meetings will be May 15-17, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida and September 24-27, 2015 in Huntsville, Alabama.  Saturday afternoon we roamed the city, its Farmers Market and toured the East Tennessee History Center before the day’s culmination with a buffet dinner at the hotel. Subsequently, many attendees trundled over to the tower adjacent to the World’s Fair Park for a view of the city at night, while I trundled up to my guestroom for a 2:45 AM alarm to catch what must be the first flight out of Knoxville. We departed ahead of schedule at 5:20, arriving in Dallas while it was still dark, and home to New Mexico by 9:30 local time.  My deepest thanks go to Terry Carbonell and Janice Pelletti for their heartfelt hospitality.