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Spring 2014 - Charleston, SC
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Carolinas Chapter 99s proudly hosted our Spring SE Section meeting in Charleston, SC


SE Section Ninety-NineThe 99s meeting in Charleston, SC was my first Southeast section meeting. I had been a member of my Spaceport chapter for less than a year, coming from the Rio Grande Norte chapter in New Mexico. I knew two of my chapter members were also coming, and was at the same time excited to meet more 99s and 49 1/2s and worried that I didn't know many people. I should have known this wasn't going to last for very long. At our first breakfast, I had already met several 99s, and the number kept increasing throughout the week-end, so that by the end, I didn't feel like a stranger at all, but part of the group. 


The visit of the tea plantation was a good way to make new friends, as we had to carpool. The trolley giving the tour was at least 50% 99s and their 49 1/2s. The hospitality room was still going strong when we came back, and another opportunity to meet our fellow pilots. My husband got to meet more 49 1/2s when he went to visit the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown during our business meeting.
 Sheila Baldwin
Our luncheon concluded the meeting, with an amazing speaker, Sheila Baldwin. Her story was an inspiration to take an opportunity when one presents itself, or to just make one happen if you need to.
Downtown Charleston 
The meeting officially over, we still took the opportunity to visit Downtown Charleston and the submarine before driving back home.
As always with the 99s, both my husband and I spent a great weekend making new friends.

Virginie Rollin