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Spring 2011 SE Section Meeting - Lafayette, LA
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Joint Meeting with South Central Section 

Spring 2011 Section Meeting was held in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was a joint meeting of South Central and South East Sections. Our individual business meetings were separate but all else was together. In our South East meeting we covered.... and had elections. These ladies were elected....11e320e.jpg
Governor:  Judy Bowser
Vice-Governor: Terry Carbonell
Secretary: Ursula Davidson
Treasurer: Hanna Mari Solo

bb069d4.jpgMost of the ladies arrived on Thursday afternoon so they may participate in the great day of touring planned in the Cajun country. It started early Friday with a tour bus ride to Avery Island and the Tabasco Factory, hot, hot! Then we started back for a visit to the aviation museum in Patterson. we viewed a great film on the start of many great aviators. 149ae6a.jpgIt doubles for a Cypress Wood museum too. Interesting. Then we stopped for lunch at a lovely country club for red beans and rice, a traditional58c762d.jpg southern dish. Back on the bus and up to an old plantation home currently owned and run by a past governor. We had coffee and cakes made and donated by the southern pilots of New Orleans. Finally we made it back to the Lafayette area airport and had a wonderful safety briefing and time to play in the helicopter simulator of PHI. That was a great experience for the ladies who dared to try it.

It's the south, so time to eat again! We dropped in on the local crawfish king and had mud bugs and boiled corn with lots of beer. No flying that night! It happened to be a lovely night for the 7e5b6fa.jpgarea in which we sat outside. There was good music and a bit of dancing. 061462b.jpg
The hospitality suite did not lack. The New Orleans 99's have put out a cookbook and made many of the recipes to promote it. That Friday night there were several dips and chips to ward off any latent hunger (heaven forbid). The next day after the morning meeting this group again offered their culinary hand with a pasta jambalaya. Oh my, these gals put on a welcome. The afternoon was free to take a swamp boat tour or listen to the fish-spotters. That night at a lovely banquet, we were charmed by Bud Forrest, locally based, retired Navy Captain. He shared his excitement to learn to fly and pass it on to his progeny as well as some of his accomplishments 304d0eb.jpglanding on a carrier. We got casual and hung out a bit longer in the hospitality suite and off to home the next morning. R. Mae Marquet

SE Section Spring 2011 Photos