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Southeast Section Officers 

  • Governor – Ramona Banks, Alabama 
  • Vice Governor – Lois Horne, Memphis 
  • Secretary – Janice Pelletti, Appalachian Aviatrixes
  • Treasurer – Jeanne Burklund, Florida Suncoast
  • Director – Anita Mixon, Florida Treasure Coast
  • Director – Laurie Reeves, Florida Firstcoast
  • Immediate Past Governor – Mae Marquet

Southeast Section Committees

  • Airmarking: Lois Horne, Memphis
  • Awards: Anita Mixon, Florida Treasure Coast
  • Bylaws: 
    • Terry Carbonell, Paradise Coast 
    • Corbi Bulluck, Kitty Hawk
  • Education: Virginie Rollin, Daytona 
  • Membership: Jessica Rogers, Nashville
  • NIFA: Marilyn Shafer, Florida Goldcoast
  • Nominating Committee: 
    • Meagan Herr, Appalachian Aviatrixes
    • Isabel Garnett, Spaceport
    • Michele Sonier, NOLA
  • Scholarship: Beth Schoppaul, Florida Goldcoast
  • Social Media: Ramona Banks, Alabama
  • Ways & Means:  Ramona Banks, Alabama
New Horizons Scholarship Trustees
  • Lois Horne, Vice Governor, Memphis
  • Jeanne Burklund, Treasure, Florida Suncoast
  • Mae Marquet, Immediate Past Governer, NOLA
  • Rosemary Gibson, Kitty Hawk
  • Angela Masson, Florida Goldcoast

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