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Southeast Section 99s Awards
The Southeast Section has one award that is awarded at our Spring Section Meeting.
  • Southeast Section 99s of Note Award 
The deadline for these awards are March 31, 2018. We are asking all members to please take a few minutes to review the guidelines for the SES Awards.  Our hope is for each Chapter to discuss, vote and submit your nominations.  The guidelines should include all the information needed, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

These awards are new to our Section and are meant to generate a greater sense of sisterhood among our members, but more importantly, we want to honor those who are deserving of recognition in the Southeast Section 99s!

We will honor every nominee at the 2018 SE Section Spring Section Meeting in Lakeland.  We want all of the nominees in attendance at the Section meeting, as it would be a wonderful to be present for their special moment!  If someone is unable to attend, a member of the Chapter can accept the award in their place.  

Our desire is for this to be an annual celebration of our wonderful members.  I look forward to receiving your nominations at the end of next month!
The nomination forms are below: (2017 IS NOT UPLOADED BEFORE MARCH 1, 2018)

2017 SE Section 99s of Note Award